When I was 35, I found myself with what looked like the perfect life — married to the woman of my dreams, father to three beautiful daughters, pastoring a historic church that was coming back to life...and I still just wanted to die.

I was trying to fill the screaming emptiness in my spirit through over-achievement, approval, and academic success, and then, through a terrifying moment where I nearly committed suicide, I came to terms with this inner emptiness and my absolute inability to fill it. 

From this place of deep brokenness, the Holy Spirit started me on a healing journey of being rooted in God's love, day-by-day. God's love saved my life.

I'm passionate about helping others avoid this dead-end path of striving and burnout. I started Rooted Ministries because of this — to see pastors, Christian leaders and churches rooted in the love of God and equipped through authentic mentoring and connection.


Pastors face unique challenges as they care for themselves, their families, churches and communities. We're here to “come alongside” with shoulder-to-shoulder mentoring and other healing resources.

Kevin and his team are available to engage with your church, or leadership team, for a single morning or an immersive weekend — all to encourage your community to root more deeply in God's love.

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