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Kevin Butcher is not only a dear friend but my spiritual father. His heart to love and serve pastors is simply Christ-like. I have learned so much about myself, especially my past and how it has shaped me as a person today through Kevin's amazing insights and care. I am a better pastor, husband, father, friend, and a child of God because of Kevin's love and mentorship. He is truly a pastor for pastors. If you are in need of guidance and someone to help you to become a student of your life, then I hope you will give Kevin Butcher and his ministry a try. You will not be the same, I promise you! 

  Pastor Peter Ahn  |  Metro Community Church  |  Englewood, New Jersey


As someone who rarely slows to down to reflect or take much of anything in, your ministry has taught me the value of connecting with and deepening my love relationship with God. I’ve always known that God loves me but I never took the time to slow down and "feel" what that really means. Much of that comes from being a former athlete and feeling as though I had to perform at a certain level to be fully accepted and loved. Your ministry helps me to move beyond that.

Leaders set the tone for organizations — and of course, this is true for the church, too. Unfortunately, my performance dysfunction had infected our team and we spent very little time getting to the heart of much anything going on in one another’s lives for the sake of getting things done. Our team has since pushed back and decided to grow deeper with God and one another first, as a priority.

Pastor Ja'mel Armstrong  |  OneChurch  |  Louisville, Kentucky


Kevin and Carla Butcher brought the heart of Rooted Ministries to our community in West Virginia and poured out the love of God for everyone they came in contact with. We have seen students set free, families deeply impacted, and our church as a whole taken to a new place of grace and mercy reflecting the heart of our Heavenly Father.

When you experience the work of Rooted Ministries, you will recognize this is not a church event, not a speaking engagement, and not simply a book promotion. Kevin brings all of himself, all of who God has made him to be, and all of his authentic heart to love and share the love of God to every place where he steps. If you have the opportunity to engage with Rooted Ministries, you need to go for it!

Pastor Justin Bowers  |  New Community Church  |  Buckhannon, West Virginia


Because Rooted Ministries is fundamentally focused on helping me deepen my understanding of my identity as one who is loved by God, I've found myself more focused on my mission rather than the chaos of internal and external voices that can distract and even destroy the work I've been called to do.

Pastor Leeann Younger  |  Cityview Covenant Church  |  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


God has given me a great vision for what the church can and should be, but it seems that sometimes my love for God and others has not yet caught up with the vision. Kevin and Rooted Ministries are helping me to see that God's vision for the church, and my small participation in it, will become manifest in my life and ministry as I come to understand the deep love that God has for me and for his people.

At a recent marriage retreat led by Kevin and Rooted Ministries, couples in our church were challenged to take deep look at their own hearts and discover how our own brokenness is hindering our marriages from being all that God intends them to be. We were reminded that the healing from this brokenness can only ultimately come from resting in God's love for us. Our spouse cannot heal our brokenness; rather, we are partners together in the journey to wholeness that is only found in the love of God that we have experienced in Christ.

Pastor Ryan Cochran  |  Broadway Christian Church  |  Fort Wayne, Indiana


Kevin helped me process how to respond to the call of God on my life. God used our conversations to guide me into full-time vocational ministry. 

Through Kevin's ministry — his pastoral teaching and his personal counsel — I have been able to see pastoral ministry in terms of the gifting of God flowing from the love of God. This has transformed my perspective on the pastoral office, from one of positional leadership to one of gift-based service.

Pastor Wayne Stapleton  |  Renewal Church  |  Warren, Michigan


Rooted Ministries has reminded me why I became a pastor long ago. Every meeting that we have had together has been, first and foremost, a reminder of the love God has for me. This has freed me up to enjoy being present with the community I pastor. I'm forever grateful for Rooted Ministries.

Pastor Matt Ness  |  OneChurch  |  Louisville, Kentucky



If you have met Kevin, he speaks for himself.  But if you have not met him yet, you may not know how he has quietly built a far-reaching reputation for teaching, encouraging, discipling and loving God's people.  Kevin's Ministry is so effective and important to the health of local ministries and churches.  I can't think of a more strategic investment in the work of God.  The decline of church attendance has been well-documented, but the brutality of ministry and discouragement of pastors in that context has been overlooked.  Young pastors need to be cultivated, nurtured and discipled in their calling.  Church leaders need the same deep love and healing that they are expected to offer their congregations and churches.  Kevin is uniquely gifted to accomplish this specialized work--influencing the influencers, healing those who must heal others too, and loving the lead lovers in churches and ministries.

Kevin's most critical ministry in my life has been during my most difficult times.      Twice during my 14 years of full-time ministry, I have considered throwing in the towel and giving up on ministry.  Both times, Kevin's friendship and ministry in my life has steadied me during the storm, pulled me back from the brink, and pointed me to the safe and healing love of God in Christ.  Kevin helps pastors, missionaries, and ministers serve at their highest capacity by nurturing their most valuable asset--their heart and relationship with God.

Pastor John Gardner  |  Cheboygan, Michigan


Through Rooted Ministries, I am growing and embracing the width and length and height and depth of God's love for EVEN ME. Shalom has moved from only being a gift of God that I preach passionately for others, to a gift I receive for myself as well. Because of the love of Christ through Rooted, I am becoming unapologetically healthy, healed, and whole. I am a better husband, father, pastor, and friend because of Rooted Ministries. 

Rooted has equipped and encouraged our leaders to see their unique, imperfect, yet loved selves the way Christ sees them. Seeing ourselves through His lens of love and redemption has strengthened the unity within our community, and renewed our zeal to reach the lost and marginalized for Jesus.

Pastor William Mack  |  Grace Community Covenant Church  |  Louisville, Kentucky


Even though I have been in the ministry for nearly 35 years, I still struggle with feelings of not being good enough, having to perform, always hoping someone will give me affirmation for my preaching, praying, or overall ministry. Deep within, I still struggle with insecurity. Ever since Wednesday, I think I'm realizing the only solution is just letting God love me for who I am as I enjoy him in an intimate, loving relationship the way I was meant to. My personal prayer times have been so blessed ever since.

You were so caring and compassionate when you talked with me. When you took me by the arm and pulled me close to yourself, I sensed you genuinely loved me and cared about me. I so appreciate you brother. God is using you to break down barriers in my life so I can just be myself in Jesus Christ and let his love for me be the basis of my identity.

Pastor Russ Patton  |  First United Methodist Church  |  Greentown, Indiana


A conversation with Kevin set me on a painful process of deep work the Holy Spirit needed to do in me. I was able to recognize lies that were profoundly shaping how I lived. As a result, I am finding the courage to let go of false beliefs about myself and live into who God made me to be. I understand, maybe for the first time, that I am fully known and fully loved by my heavenly Father.

Because of Rooted Ministries, I am a better father due to the healing I am experiencing. I grew up in a broken home and always questioned whether or not I could be a good husband and dad, but longed to be one. I can say today that by God's grace he is showing me how to receive His love and that is making me a more patient and loving father. I am so thankful for the role that Kevin has played in helping me to find my way.

Pastor Matt Fleming  |  Detroit, Michigan