Loved People Love People
Kevin shares his heart on how we love each other. It's not just for pastors, but everyone that knows the love of the father.

Choose + Choose Again
Joe Amaral talks with Kevin about his book Choose + Choose Again.

What Readers Should Gain
Joe Amaral speaks with Kevin on what he wants people to gain from reading Choose + Choose Again.

The Emptiness Inside — Brian’s Story
Kevin shares Brian's story on the emptiness inside of him and how the love of the Father changed his life.

Number One Lie of the Enemy
Joe Amaral chats with Kevin about the lie that we are not loved.

Just a Kid
Kevin shares Kenell's and Melissa's Story.

Joe speaks with Kevin on the difference between forgiveness and shame.

Deeper Than Feelings
Joe speaks with Kevin on the importance of being healed emotionally, in order to be able to see though the veil of darkness, the light of the love of God.

The Prodigal Son
Joe speaks with Kevin about the prodigal son and why it is so important.

Death Without Love
Joe speaks with Kevin on the love of the Father.

Harvest Show International
It is one thing to say we know God, but what does it mean to experience Him? Pastor J. Kevin Butcher talks about the Father's indescribable love for us.

Taylor University Chapel
Detroit pastor Kevin Butcher shares a message about love to the Taylor community.